In one year, companies are twice as likely to recognize attacks on their computer production system, according to a study carried out by L’Usine Nouvelle, Orange Business Service and B2B intelligence.

The cyber threat has become a reality. This is what emerges from the L’Usine Nouvelle barometer study conducted with Orange Business services and B2B Intelligence at the end of 2017. While the vast majority of companies feel they are quite well prepared, 66% of companies admit to having experienced one or more cyber security incidents in the past 12 months. This is an increase of 11 points compared to last year! In 27% of cases, the victims suffered a financial impact. Ransom software is becoming the new nightmare for companies when it comes to cybersecurity. Thus, 64% of them fear being victims of malicious software capable of encrypting their data in order to extort ransom from them. Hackers are primarily interested in sensitive data (financial data, customer files, etc.). Twice as many companies as last year (26%) reported that cyber-attacks targeted their production IT systems (industrial systems, logistics, etc.).

Security requires a financial effort

Companies are responding to these new risks. They train their employees (86%), strengthen the security of mobile equipment (86%), increase access controls and user rights (80%)… And rely on the expertise of external service providers to provide advice and carry out vulnerability tests. However, they are aware that their security requires a financial effort. More than two thirds plan to increase their investments in cybersecurity in the next twelve months.


Online survey conducted by L’Usine Nouvelle, Orange Business Service and B2B Intellligence from November 30 to December 22, 2017 amongst 200 industry executives

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