The second edition of Samsung’s Smart retail barometer, conducted in partnership with LSA, shows that distributors are (finally) using mobile tools.

LSA Samsung Study
Madura redesigned its store concept around the selling tablet. © © Clotilde Chenevoy

50% of stores are equipped with a connected tablet according to the second edition of the Samsung Smart Retail barometer, carried out in partnership with LSA. That’s 14 points more than last year. 22% are in projects on mobile tools (+4 points) while 38% of large networks have or will deploy self-service tablets. In other words, the French distributors are finally embracing mobile tools.


More globally, shops now have a growing sense of digital maturity. The barometer reveals a score of 2.82/5, a slight increase of 0.2 points over one year, and 25% feel rather, even very, mature on the subject of points of sale digitalisation.

Better Use of Data

This maturity is found in the impacts that these digital devices expected. One has fewer expectations of generating additional sales (62% + 8 pts) than of customer loyalty and customer commitment (64% + 20 points). More precisely, the increase in the shopping basket is in fact a consequence of a better loyalty and not a goal.

Moreover, the study shows that a step has been taken in data and on how to better understand clients to engage with them in a more pertinent way. For large networks, the main applications of digital devices relate to information collection (57%), store attractiveness (57%) and access to customer history (50%).


The barometer was also focused on stores’ priorities during the year 2018. And again, data is at the heart of expectations, with a clear will to personalize the customer experience. On the other hand, as noted by Gary Guillier-Marcellin, director of the Display Division Samsung ElectronicsFrance, “digitalisation must be thought through needs; Technology makes it possible to respond to all scenarios.” In other words, stores are going to have to imagine their customers’ journeys from start to finish, and then analyse the appropriate tools: A necessary approach if you want to prevent the tablet from collecting dust under the counter.



Quantitative online study conducted from 26th October to 17th November 2017, with decision-makers in the French retail sector (HQs, store managers/head of department – 318 respondents).

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